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Dale Blackburn

Full Stack Developer | Brighton, UK

Website Update #4: Moving to a single column layout

Tutorial, Gatsby1 min read

Just a quick post to say that I've updated the blog to be a single column layout.

I was inspired to do so after seeing the minimalist, single column design of Brent Jackson's blog, that he made into a Gatsby Theme called gatsby-theme-mdx-blog.

In the near future, my plan is to follow in Brent's footsteps and try my hand at turning this website into a Gatsby Theme. They are an extremely powerful abstraction for the Gatsby ecosystem (They are still experimental, but highly stable from what I've seen thus far) and I'm looking forward to seeing what pre-built site/app templates I can create with it.

If you're interested in learning more about Gatsby Themes, Kyle Mathews' wrote a great introductory post on them and Jason Lengstorf post a great video, helping Greg Rickaby convert his existing Gatsby site into a Gatsby theme, that I've posted below: