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Dale Blackburn

Full Stack Developer | Brighton, UK
Creating a Gatsby Plugin

I recently spent some time updating a Gatsby plugin that I had written a few months ago while contributing to the new  Storybook website , and I realised that I hadn't yet written about it, or about my experience with the  Gatsby plugin system . Time to change that! The Problem While helping out…

Website Update #4: Moving to a single column layout

Just a quick post to say that I've updated the blog to be a single column layout. I was inspired to do so after seeing the minimalist, single column design of Brent Jackson's blog , that he made into a Gatsby Theme called gatsby-theme-mdx-blog . In the near future, my plan is to follow in Brent…

Website Update #3: Rebuilding my website with Gatsby and Netlify

Hello, 2019! Last year I created a shiny new website, with the best intentions to share discoveries and pen down my thoughts. Sadly, I didn't manage to get any further than then the initial one that announced my new websites arrival. It seems that the only fitting thing to do now, having just…

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